The Buzz: September 23, 2002

Do you have questions about authentication and security?

E-Book Explores Authentication

Do you have questions about authentication and security?

If so, Rainbow eSecurity believes it has the answers.

Rainbow eSecurity, a Rainbow Technologies company, last week unveiled an online book designed to provide readers with a thorough education on authentication technologies—what is available and how they can be used—and case studies on how some businesses are using the technologies.

The Rainbow eBook on Authentication started as an internal document used by the companys sales department. However, officials concluded they had something that others could use, so they decided to publish it.

The book is free and available at

Users can download it onto most e-book platforms or onto Windows CE and Palm OS-based personal digital assistants.

Deal Aimed at Hotmail Users

Microsoft has a plan to cut the amount of spam on its free e-mail service, Hotmail.

The company signed a deal last week to incorporate Brightmails spam-filtering technology into the MSN Hotmail service, which Microsoft said serves about 110 million users worldwide. Brightmail Solution Suite will be deployed later this fall and filter out spam before it reaches a users in-box.

Brightmails suite includes the Probe Network, which consists of more than 200 million e-mail addresses designed to attract spam. The software will identify spam and remove it, Microsoft officials said.

RIM: Handspring Violated Patent

Research in Motion was active in court last week.

RIM filed a patent infringement suit against Handspring over that companys Treo handheld device. RIM alleges the keyboard on some Treos infringes on a RIM patent.

RIM also filed suit against Good Technology, charging trade secret violations and a breach of contract.