The Features You Want in the Browser You Want

Adding features to Netscape and Mozilla has never been easier.

After eWeek Labs recent reviews of Netscape 7.0 and Mozilla 1.0, we received a lot of e-mail from users of the two browsers. Many Netscape users complained about the lack of the pop-up ad-blocking feature found in Mozilla, while many Mozilla users wished the Mozilla mail client had the same spelling checker capabilities as the Netscape mail client.

Were glad to report that, since both of these browsers use the same code base, it is simple to add desired features from one to the other.

The first step in making either of these changes is to make sure Software Installation is enabled. In both Mozilla and Netscape, this is done by going to Edit: Preferences: Advanced: Software Installation. This makes it possible to add individual component capabilities to either browser.

To block pop-up ads in Netscape 7.0, simply go to Click Install in the installation window that pops up.

After this is complete, you may need to restart Netscape. You can then go to Edit: Preferences: Advanced: Scripts & Plugins. By deselecting the option "Open unrequested windows," you can now prevent pop-up advertising.

Although there is a Mozilla spelling checker add-on under development at, it is not yet complete. We have had better luck simply installing the spelling checker from Netscape into Mozilla.

To do this from Mozilla, go to (For Unix and Mac OS versions, go to the specific folders for each operating system.)

When you click on this link, you should get a request to install dialog. Click Install. Once this is done, shut down Mozilla completely (if you are using Quick Start, shut that down, too). Start Mozilla back up and go into Edit: Preferences: Mail & Newsgroups: Composition. There should be an option to Check Spelling Before Sending. Select this and click OK.

Start the mail client and compose a message. You should now have a Check Spelling option.

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