The Latest Web Browsers Up Enterprise Ante

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The Latest Web Browsers Up Enterprise Ante

by Jim Rapoza

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IE Administration Kit

In corporate environments, the Internet Explorer Administration Kit gives businesses a powerful tool for creating customized installations of the IE browser.

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IE Protected Mode

On Vista and most likely Windows 7 systems, Internet Explorer can be run in Protected Mode, which greatly reduces the harm that can be done by malware that subverts the browser.

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IE Warning

Like most modern browsers, IE 8 can warn users before they travel to an unsafe Website.

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Firefox Add-ons

One of the biggest advantages that Firefox has is its large extensions and add-ons community, which makes it possible for businesses to add a wide variety of capabilities to the browser.

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Firefox NoScript

When it comes to security, one of the most popular and valuable add-ons for Firefox is NoScript, which prevents a whole host of Web-based threats and nuisances.

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Firefox Consistency

Businesses that support workers on a large number of platforms will appreciate the ability of Firefox to run nearly identically on multiple operating systems, including Linux.

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Safari Private Browsing

The private browsing features offered in modern browsers such as Safari let users browse the Web without saving traces of their sessions, especially useful in shared system environemnts.

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Safari Bookmarking

The visual bookmarking features found in the Safari 4 beta offer a powerful tool for sorting and finding content saved in a browser.

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Safari Top Sites

Features such as the visual site thumbnails in Safari 4's Top Sites seem geared toward consumers but are also valuable for viewing and managing business-oriented sites.

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Chrome Integrated Search

The integrated search found in the address bar within Google Chrome can improve productivity when it comes to finding information on the Web.

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Chrome Google Gears

Google Gears, which is included with Chrome, but which can also be added to other browsers, makes it possible to run some Web applications in an offline mode.

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Chrome JavaScript Engine

Businesses building state-of-the-art dynamic Web applications may find that the powerful JavaScript engine in Google Chrome provides an important performance edge.

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Opera Mini

The Opera Mini browser has become a popular Web tool for many mobile phone systems.

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Opera Customization Options

For advanced power users who want to tweak the way a browser works, Opera offers some of the most extensive customization and tweaking options.

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Opera Fraud Protection

As other browsers do, Opera provides protections against fraudulent Web sites.

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