The NetJets Set - Page 4

NetJets Base Case

Headquarters: 581 Main St., Woodbridge, NJ 07095

Phone: (732) 326-3700

Business: Offers fractional ownership of business jets. Operating fleet of some 500 planes, making more than 250,000 flights a year.

Chief Executive Officer: Richard Santulli

Chief Information Officer: Mike Midkiff

Financials in 2002: About $2 billion in revenues. The Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary doesnt release profit and loss figures.

Challenges: Push information on customers needs out to pilots and flight crews. Create discernible value for private-charter services at a time when commercial airlines are slashing fares to attract fliers.

Baseline Goals:

  • Reduce telephone calls to Columbus, Ohio, operations center by at least 25%, to save $2 million a year.
  • Increase efficiency by at least 20%, by automating processes that let customers change meal orders, hotel reservations and other aspects of their travel.
  • Improve customer service, to maintain or increase perceived value of fractional jet ownership.