TIBCO Unveils Cloud Services, Graph DB, New Integration Tool

TIBCO Cloud Services enables DevOps, container-based architectures and scalable integration—all of which are vital to the success of any growing enterprise.

TIBCO Software, the enterprise jack-of-many-trades company that does everything from data mining, to cloud services, to analytics, to graph databases, unveiled several new products and services at its annual conference last week in Las Vegas.

TIBCO, whose name emanates from its first product, the Teknekron Information Bus (abbreviated now as TIBCO, The Information Bus Company), also provides integration, analytics and events-processing software for companies to use on-premises or as part of cloud-based environments.

At the conference, the Palo Alto, Calif.-based company introduced a new cloud services platform that includes a containers toolset, an updated software integration package and a graph database, among others.

TIBCO Cloud Services

TIBCO has long supplied a sort of connective fabric enabling enterprises to transition to new digital environments. The company's new cloud services platform is a full-featured toolset for enterprises that want to use the cloud in pursuit of digital transformation.

TIBCO Cloud Services enables DevOps, container-based architectures and scalable integration—all of which are vital to the success of any growing enterprise.

The tools are customizable by design, enabling enterprises to create solutions depending on the workflow and needs of a particular operations model or division. Developers can create, publish, and consume APIs and use packaged connectors or create their own integrations. Line-of-business users can connect SaaS applications to run only the business processes necessary for the operation of their domain.

Power users can connect existing SaaS services and new sources of data together to streamline their work. To facilitate these capabilities, the core of TIBCO Cloud Services offers three key solutions: TIBCO Cloud Integration, TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition and TIBCO Simplr.

TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition, the company's latest integration platform, enables large organizations to build cloud-native applications more quickly and easily by focusing on service functionality, while much of the complex work of integrating applications and microservices is streamlined via automation.

Analytics + IoT

The company unveiled Project Flogo, an ultra-lightweight integration software solution, and TIBCO Graph Database, a translytical database for big data. Combined, these technologies increase interconnectivity and augment the use of intelligence in Internet of things (IoT) applications.

TIBCO's Project Flogo allows users to bake data processing abilities into their connected devices, and store and extract meaningful data relationships with TIBCO Graph Database for faster and more accurate action. These tools are helping users uncover and better understand the deeper relationships in their connected device data.

Project Flogo functions as one the first design bots for IoT edge application development with a tile-based, zero-code environment for building and deploying integration and data processing directly onto connected devices.

Its design bot and Web-based user interface bring the best of TIBCO's design environments to the IoT, with prepackaged building blocks for creating applications, integration, data processing and microservices, as well as error handling, including the first-ever auto-stepback debugger.

Project Flogo brings this power to many of the smallest connected devices, with an average installed footprint that is up to 20 times lighter than Node.js and 50 times lighter than Java.

TIBCO is releasing Project Flogo with permissive open-source licensing to help build a broad, open IoT development community and accelerate the evolution of the IoT and digital business.

Graph Database is a translytical database that transforms a complex Web of dynamic data into meaningful relationships to help deliver real-time insight and action. It stores all data as intelligent schema that makes it easy to discover and model any relationships as graphs with nodes and edges.

Graph Database delivers linear performance at scale, with join-free queries that traverse complex relationships as datasets grow. TIBCO Graph Database empowers companies to build and maximize their return on relationships in real time.

Other new and enhanced products introduced at the show include

--TIBCO Spotfire, an analytics visualizer with built-in data-wrangling capabilities, provides more flexibility and agility for analytics implementations. In a dynamic, real-time data setting like IoT, this is invaluable. Users also appreciate that Spotfire does not require a third party for data preparation.

--TIBCO LiveView Web enables users to create live, visual dashboards, which can be monitored for real-time analysis of IoT sensors in the field.

--The new open-source TIBCO Accelerator package cuts development time from months to days for deploying analytics-based solutions, the company said.

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