Tool Gives WSDL Programmers a Hand

Cape Clear Software says its "WSDL editor is to Web Services development what WYSIWYG HTML editors were to Web page development."

In a move to establish itself as a key provider of technology for creating and editing Web Services, Cape Clear Software Inc. Wednesday announced a free editor for the Web Services Definition Language (WSDL).

The Cape Clear WSDL Editor delivers an environment for rapid WSDL development and supports both novice and experienced programmers, the company said. Cape Clear officials said the WSDL Editor includes wizards that eliminate some of WSDLs complexity; WSDL validation, which simplifies testing; and support for the rapid creation of Web Services from XML Schema.

Other features include the import of any XML Schema, including industry standards; support for WSDL validation, where WSDL is tested against WSDL Schema; support for WSDL profiling, so WSDL can be validated against customized profiles for specific requirements such as compatibility with Web Services Interoperability organization profiles; support for advanced WSDL capabilities, such as imports, faults, Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) headers, multiple bindings and parameter ordering; and support for the latest WSDL specification.

"The WSDL Editor is to Web Services development what WYSIWYG HTML editors were to Web page development," said John Maughan, business manager for Cape Clears CapeStudio Web services development in a statement. "It offers an intuitive graphical environment for the design of Web Services and, in particular, assists developers who wish to create Web Services from existing XML interfaces... Many developers are struggling with the complexities of WSDL; the WSDL Editor is designed to help them out."

In addition, the company said Cape Clears developer network, CapeScience, also recently announced a host of additional resources for Web Services developers.

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