Tools Get a Better Handle on Messaging

Several vendors are set to roll out new products at this week's DemoFall show designed to help businesses simplify the use of messaging and collaboration tools.

Several vendors are set to roll out new products at this weeks DemoFall show designed to help businesses simplify the use of messaging and collaboration tools.

Barracuda Networks Inc. will unveil an instant messaging security tool targeted at SMBs (small and midsize businesses) that combines the functionality of an internal IM server with consumer IM traffic filtering, archiving and policy management.

The appliance logs all IM traffic from an internal IM server as well as public IM services, such as Yahoo Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger, ICQ and Google Talk, said Chris Penner, director of product management for Barracuda, in Mountain View, Calif.

All internal Barracuda IM Firewall messages are encrypted, and monitoring tools allow IT administrators to flag certain words or phrases and to gauge the extent of IM usage across a company. The appliance will ship in the first quarter of next year and will come in five models, with prices starting at $1,999 for 200 users and scaling up to $27,999 for 7,000 users.

IntelliReach Corp. is aiming to become a one-stop shop for tackling e-mail management woes with the launch of its hosted policy-based e-mail management tool, which integrates archiving, compliance, discovery, encryption, and spam and virus filtering.

IntelliReach mx2020 will allow IT administrators to manage multiple facets of e-mail administration through a single Web-based dashboard, according to Greg Arnette, founder and chief technology officer of IntelliReach, in Dedham, Mass.

IT administrators can set different policies or permissions for different users or groups of users or offload policy creation to other departments. The mx2020 will support Microsoft Corp.s Exchange, IBMs Lotus Notes and Domino, and Novell Inc.s GroupWise.

IntelliReach will initially offer its software as a service later this year through managed services provider NEXL Network Systems. Next year, the company plans to offer installed software and to extend support to IM.


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Green Array Corp. will launch at the show its namesake corporate management software aimed at improving project management and collaboration across a company.

Green Arrays Web dashboard allows users across a company to drill down into a particular project to view or modify information such as project goals, priority level, estimated deadline, and compliance and approval. It also includes project management tools for resource planning, surveys, document management and workflow.

The Department of Pathology at the University of California, Irvine, is using Green Arrays software to help it comply with numerous government and industry regulations.

"We have IT staff, but they have yet to even be involved in this. You simply download it like you would Excel, only its easier to use. Its like using Outlook," said Jane Emerson, chief of clinical pathology and vice chairman of the department of pathology for the university.


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