Tools Tackle Enterprise Performance Mgmt.

Adexa rolled out a new suite of tools to adress the emerging enterprise performance management market.

Business planning software maker Adexa Inc. announced today the availability of a new suite of tools to address an emerging market: enterprise performance management.

EPM is a set of applications and processes that combines goal setting and alignment with planning, forecasting and modeling capabilities, according to Adexa.

Adexas Enterprise Global Planning System [eGPS] encompasses 11 modules: Corporate Planning, Event Management, Sales, Operations and Inventory Planning, Product Lifecycle Management, Supply Chain Planning, Factory Planning and Scheduling, Collaborative Demand Planning, Collaborative Supply Planning, Order Fulfillment Supplier Management and Order Lifecycle Management.

The Corporate Planning software identifies financial opportunities and links them to business strategies. The goal is to help users set overall corporate objectives in the areas of capital-intensive equipment, direct and indirect inventory and materials and people.

Event Management and Analytics monitors a catalog of more than 600 performance indicators and provides real-time results and alerts of unexpected changes and trends.

SOIP coordinates internal departments, such as sales, marketing and operations with a single plan. It also balances supply and demand across the supply chain to optimize inventory allocation.

The PLM module manages all stages of a product, including design, engineering, sales and marketing, manufacturing, distribution, as well as the products end-of-life cycle.

Generating a supply-chain model to synchronize supply with demand, the SCM module optimizes the network of supply-chain resources through forecasts and customer orders. At the same time, Factory Planning and Scheduling creates plant-level production plans.