Trillian 3.0 Adds Serverless IM

The cross-network IM client gets a makeover and adds support for Apple's Rendezvous protocol.

Looking to widen its appeal and find a niche in the small business market, Cerulean Studios has added support for Apples Rendezvous protocol to its popular Trillian instant messaging application.

With Rendezvous support, Trillian now will offer serverless IM capabilities for users on the same LAN.

The Rendezvous protocol, which is a key feature in Apples Mac OS X platform, allows users to set up a network without any configuration.

In the new Trillian 3.0, the Rendezvous plug-in allows employees on the same LAN to automatically discover each other for messaging, file transfers and videoconferencing.

Rendezvous support in Trillian 3.0 is available only for users who pony up $25 to purchase the application.

Paid users also get access to plug-ins for connection to Jabber and Novell GroupWise Messenger, and video-chat support with enhanced logging capabilities.

A free version remains in place, offering a single interface to connect to chat networks provided by America Online Inc., Microsoft Corp., Yahoo Inc. and IRC (Inter Relay Chat).

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Trillian 3.0 also adds several bells and whistles, including an "Instant Lookup" tool that integrates with the Wikipedia online encyclopedia to offer real-time information based on text conversations.

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