Two Users

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Two Users

Two users, Steve and Jake are both using Salesforce Summer -11. Steve wants to collaborate with Jake on a Microsoft Excel 2010 spreadsheet.

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Upload a File

Steve uploads the file and shares it with Jake.

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Share with People

Steve is shown selecting to share the Excel file with Jake. By default, an email will also be sent notifying Jake that a file has been shared with him.

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New in Summer -11 Steve is shown here sharing the file as a collaborator with Jake and the Competitive Intelligence group. ??í

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Jake Gets the File

The shared folder appears in the files shared with me view.

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Change Log

The file is changed, and optional notes are added to the change log associated with the file.

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Version History

The version history is shown for the file on which Steve and Jake are collaborating, along with the notes that were manually added during each iteration.

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Chatter Activity Stream

The torrent of activity relating to the file is shown in Steves Chatter stream. Its not hard to imagine what this would look like if all 19 members of the Competitive Intelligence team were also working on the file.

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