Virtual Management Calls Up New E-Mail Tech

The company's Emax offering lets users of its EVA system listen and respond to e-mail messages from their cell phones.

Virtual Management, a provider of voice-based services, on March 6 announced a new technology that will allow users to listen to and compose e-mails from the road.

Virtual Managements signature product, EVA (Electronic Virtual Assistant), is a voice-based data-entry system designed for road warriors that allows users to dictate important information such as scheduled events and meetings, as well as manage their data storage and retrieval options while away from the office or computer.

Emax, the latest addition to EVA, forwards important e-mail messages to users cell phones and allows users to dictate a reply message in their own voice. Emax also has the ability to call users with important appointment reminders.

"Emax is targeted to business users who are on the road a lot and need a way to access e-mail in a quick and efficient manner," Eric Tippets, vice president of worldwide sales for the St. George, Utah-based company, told eWEEK.

The EVA voice-based platform is hands-free and eliminates the need to use a stylus or keypad while also enabling business travelers to respond to their messages in a short amount of time, Tippets said.

The new Emax technology also aids older users as well as handicapped users who have trouble with the small numbers on todays cell phones or are not able to use a keyboard, Tippets added.

"If you think about how many people have struggles with getting e-mails from their computer or typing with their thumbs, Emax can apply to a larger market as it is for everyone that needs a simple and cost effective way to be connected and organized," Tippets said.

Emax is available now for a 30-day free trial and is $19.95 following the trial period.


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