VMware Simplifies MDM With New AirWatch Express

The cloud-based application is designed to help companies get scores of devices such as tablets, smartphones and notebooks up and running in only a few minutes.

It turns out that VMware's mobile device management service, AirWatch, was a little too complicated for a notable number of potential users, mostly those in small to medium-size enterprises. So the company did something about it Aug. 2: It launched AirWatch Express.

If there is a way to simplify the complicated processes involved with managing a fleet of corporate mobile devices, AirWatch Express represents a significant attempt for a major IT company to do it. This cloud-based application is designed to get scores of devices such as tablets, smartphones and notebooks up and running in the company system in only a few minutes.

AirWatch Express then enables users to configure devices with apps, email and Wi-Fi, while enabling the data encryption and security.

Uses Same Platform as Its Parent

As one might expect, AirWatch Express is built on the same platform as VMware AirWatch, which was among the market leaders in enterprise mobility management even before VMware acquired the company in January 2014 for $1.54 billion.

"AirWatch Express is providing a way to simplify mobile device management so that more and more of the market can consume it," Blake Brannon, AirWatch vice president of product marketing, told eWEEK. "We see tons of benefits around MDM (mobile device management) automation of tasks that people are doing manually, giving you security so that data leakage can be controlled, remotely wiping and locking data so it's not stolen, and so on."

AirWatch uses a wizard-based approach called Blueprints, which eases the user through the process.

"Blueprints guides you through all the nitty-grittiness of selecting the apps, the policies and which configurations you need for each group of users, in a natural-language-type use case," Brannon said. "Think of it as being like not needing to hire a CPA to do your taxes, because you can go online and use the TurboTax tool."

Takes Close Account of Security Measures

AirWatch Express also takes into account the security risks associated with employees using their smartphones, tablets and laptops for work purposes. According to Verizon's “2016 Data Breach Investigations Report,” the three most common mobile security breach incidents were the result of configuration or end-user issues.

AirWatch Express reduces these security risks by enabling companies to control these configurations, prevent data leakage, remotely wipe the device of work data if it's lost or stolen, Brannon said.

VMware AirWatch Express is available now for iOS, macOS, Android and Windows 10 devices. Pricing starts at $2.50 per device.

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