WebMethods to License Composites Software

Composite develops enterprise information integration software.

EAI [enterprise application integration] software developer WebMethods Inc. announced today a partnership with Composite Software, of San Mateo, Calif., to license and resell its software.

Composite, headed by WebMethods former CTO, Jim Green, develops EII [enterprise information integration] software called Composite Information Server, designed to collect data from a variety of sources and feed it back to the end user in any data format requested.

Once data is accessed, the Information Server aggregates it into Composite Views—core building blocks of the Information Server—and provides an abstraction layer over multiple data sources so that all data appears like it exists in a single location, officials said.

By reselling Composites software, WebMethods, of Fairfax, Va., extends its own ability to add a composite application framework—a burgeoning technology in the software development sector.

"Theres a compelling need to combine Web services, EAI and EII into an integrated solution," said Composites Green, in a statement. "While EAI enables process automation, EII enables business insight by providing more powerful data aggregation and integration capabilities for federated data sources."

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