Webscale Networks Offers Magento Users Free Cloud Migration

Magento customers signing up for a Webscale Pro contract prior to April 30 will be eligible for free migration services.

Ever tried to migrate an on-premises IT system to the cloud? If so, then you have a real-world idea about how complicated and expensive it can be.

If you're thinking about making a move like this soon, your timing may be excellent. Webscale Networks, which claims to have created the industry's first fully integrated Web application delivery platform, on March 22 announced the launch of its new product portfolio, along with a limited-time offer to migrate select customers to the cloud for free.

You read that correctly: Migration to the cloud, free of charge—depending upon a few factors, of course.

Webscale's package is available in four versions (Free, Lite, Pro and Enterprise) and offers midmarket e-commerce and enterprise companies a fast track to the cloud with predictive auto-scaling, multicloud, performance optimization, security and manageability, the company said.

Mountain View, Calif.-based Webscale boosts site performance by modifying content before delivery, including caching, resizing images, or rewriting asset locations to pull from a content delivery network. As experts in Magento, as well as other e-commerce platforms, Webscale says it can help improve revenue flow, customer conversion and loyalty.

Magento customers signing up for a Webscale Pro contract prior to April 30 will be eligible for free migration services.

Webscale, formerly known as Lagrange Systems, enables application delivery and Web performance beyond the confines of the traditional application delivery controller appliance (hardware, software or virtual), to become truly cloud-enabled.

Webscale brings complete application control to Web application owners ranging from bloggers to midmarket ecommerce companies to enterprise DevOps groups. The platform is available to try and buy online with no salesperson required, at a range of price points and with no long-term contracts, the company said.

Webscale's list of features includes:

--Patented, predictive auto-scaling, which looks ahead of traffic surges so that at no point do customers experience a slowdown in response from servers.

--Performance boosting, which modifies content before delivery, including caching, resizing images or rewriting asset locations.

--Hybrid-cloud capabilities, which are cloud-agnostic for multi-cloud strategies and supports the cloud provider of your choice.

--Security enhanced by Web application firewall, SSL/TLS encryption support and distributed denial of service attack mitigation.

"By 2017, one-third of application delivery deployments will include cloud elements, and network infrastructure architects will no longer be able to rely solely on centralized appliances to provide the necessary services," said Joe Skorupa, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner Research. "Application delivery strategies must move from this model of physical devices allocated to specific applications to one that includes physical, virtual and cloud-based services."

Webscale's patented resource allocation IP is based on nine years of research into predictive analytics that sets it apart from traditional application delivery or load balancing solutions, according to the company. It can look ahead of demand and automatically take whatever action is needed to ensure that a Website stays fast and available, making it easy to use, the company said.

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