WebsiteASP Updates Content Management System

WebsiteASP releases updated OmniUpdate Web content management system.

WebsiteASP Inc. has released its updated OmniUpdate Web content management system. The updated version includes significant additions to the earlier version. New features include the ability to employ scheduled Web page publishing and scheduled reminders, as well as clickable navigation trails and preview file locking, giving users the ability to view the status of all files that are locked or available for use.

The scheduled publishing function allows users to preset times and dates for edited pages to go live. The scheduled reminder tool works to help ensure that Web page content is fresh. For example, if a company wants to do a better job of keeping its news release page updated with the latest news releases, a user could employ the scheduled reminder tool, which would send an e-mail to the user with a reminder that the Web page has become "stale."

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Noting that the primary focus of the upgrades was to incorporate feedback from users, OmniUpdate president and CEO Lance Merker said, "The concept isnt new, but it does make us stand out. We listen very carefully to the ideas of those who actually use OmniUpdate and incorporate as many of their ideas as possible."

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