Windows 8 Will Win Broad Enterprise Support: 10 Reasons Why

NEWS ANALYSIS: Enterprises are sure to rapidly embrace Windows 8 once Microsoft releases it on Oct. 26. So far it looks like Windows 8 has the security components, interface features and application support to win the confidence of PC OEMs and enterprise buyers.

Windows 8 is now slated to launch October 26. On that day, vendors will start bundling the operating system in their products, and Microsoft will be offering it at retail for those who want to upgrade their current installation. This time, Microsoft is making a concerted effort to offer versions of Windows 8 that on one hand satisfy mobile customers while appealing to consumers and enterprise users.

As of late, those enterprise users haven€™t been getting much attention in discussions on Windows 8. With Microsoft€™s Surface announced and a version available for folks to try out, it has been consumers that have received the most attention in discussions on Microsoft€™s latest operating system.

It€™s time to change that. It€™s about time to dig into why Windows 8 might be a natural choice for enterprise users. From its improved security to its focus on tablets, Windows 8 is, by nearly all measures, a winner for corporate customers.

Here€™s why.

1. Enhanced security

Microsoft has made unequivocal statements that Windows 8 will be more secure than any version of its operating system it€™s released so far. A key factor behind those confident statements is Windows Defender€”which, according to many security experts, could go so far toward securing the operating system, that third-party apps might not be nearly as necessary as they are now. We€™ve heard this before, of course, but if Microsoft can make it happen, Windows 8 will be far more appealing to enterprises.

2. Remember tablets

One of the big complaints from enterprise users has been that Microsoft doesn€™t support tablets with Windows. Once Windows 8 launches, that won€™t be the case. Microsoft will offer a tablet-friendly version, called Windows RT, which will run on a host of slates, including the Surface.

3. A new Office is always nice

Microsoft recently announced a new version of Office currently known as Office 2013. The company hasn€™t said when it€™ll launch the software, but it appears possible that it€™ll come out sometime this fall after Windows 8 hits store shelves. The nice thing about Office 2013 is that it€™s designed to leverage Windows 8€™s many nice features. In other words, it€™ll be operating system and application combination you€™ll want to use.

4. The design should improve productivity

Although Microsoft has been hit hard by some in the enterprise community for so drastically changing the design of its operating system, it might actually improve productivity. In testing so far, users have found that, while the Windows 8 interface is novel, the design makes it easier to find things and reduces the effort to perform certain tasks. In other words, your employees might be more productive with the software.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger is a longtime freelance contributor to several technology and business publications. Over his career, Don has written about everything from geek-friendly gadgetry to issues of privacy...