WizeHive Adds Bookmarklet, Calendar to Collaboration Mix

SAAS messaging and collaboration startup WizeHive rolls out a bookmarklet feature; a calendar that syncs with Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar and the Microsoft Outlook calendar; and other features to make content sharing and consumption less of a chore. The bookmarklet will work with Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Opera browsers.

WizeHive, which eWEEK profiled last month, continues to churn out new features for its software-as-a-service collaboration and project management platform.

The startup, which lets users share files, manage projects and track activity in online workspaces, launched Aug. 25 a bookmarklet for capturing content, a calendar application, and other tools that make content consumption and sharing more efficient.

The bookmarklet lets users capture URLs to Web content from their e-mail accounts, Twitter or other Web sites and upload them to WizeHive without leaving their application to open WizeHive. This boosts the content-sharing appeal of WizeHive because users don't have to be accessing the WizeHive workspaces to add key links for collaboration.

The bookmarklet, pictured on Flickr here, will work with Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Opera browsers.

Like any Web calendar from Yahoo, Google or Microsoft, the WizeHive calendar displays tasks and events in monthly, weekly and daily views.

However, the WizeHive calendars can also be filtered to display calendar entries for individuals or everyone in a group. Users can also enable iCalendar support in the calendar to export tasks and events to Google, Yahoo and Outlook.

WizeHive has added a separate link-sharing page, and a new file viewer feature lets users scan files without opening them to see the contents. This is another must-have feature at a time when users are accustomed to mousing over links and entries to see pop-outs of content summaries.

WizeHive CEO Mike Levinson said in a statement the new features were cultivated after mining user feedback from the free beta.

WizeHive, privately funded by PivotPoint Software, is preparing to exit beta this fall, with pricing schemes in the "freemium" vein, bolting additional functionality onto the free tool for fees. WizeHive may also make money by serving ads within the software in the future.

The startup is hoping to compete with Google Apps, Zoho, Central Desktop, Liquid Planner and myriad other software players looking to tempt customers with Twitter-like status updates and other communication and collaboration features for modern knowledge workers.