WRQ Upgrade Links Enterprise Data - 2

Integration software vendor WRQ has rolled out new software that it says will help users better integrate data, applications and business logic across the enterprise.

Integration software vendor WRQ Inc. on Monday announced new software that it says will help users better integrate data, applications and business logic across the enterprise.

WRQ Verastream 9.0 is an upgraded suite of applications designed to reuse existing applications and business logic by building interchangeable business components from enterprise sources like legacy host systems, call centers, Web self service software and packaged customer relationship management applications, according to officials.

Thebasic concept is that with Verastream users can build a central repository of interchangeable components that identify and expose hidden business logic and data that are housed in enterprise applications.

Verastream 9.0 provides visual tools to model business processes and build new composite applications by dragging and dropping componentized business functions. The composite applications then reuses portions of legacy applications and other enterprise systems to support new uses.

In addition to the Verastream 9.0 product set, Seattle-based developer also announced the availability of several products, including WRQ Verastream Host Integrator 4.5, WRQ Verastream Integration Broker 9.0 and WRQ Verastream for Siebel eBusiness Applications.

Some key product enhancements to the Verastream suite include upgraded business process management, legacy integration and message services modules.

New visual tools for business process management make it possible for a non-programmer to create a series of automated business functions with intervening human tasks. WRQ also added improved visual tools for creating and managing components that make for simpler legacy integration. The tools make it easier to isolate and reuse discreet business functions in monolithic applications running on IBM and Hewlett-Packard Co. host systems, as well as those running under OpenVMS and UNIX, according to WRQ officials.

In addition to synchronous messaging, WRQ also added asynchronous messaging to Verastream 9.0. Full Java Message Service-compliant messaging services have been added for integration with other message-based systems.

WRQ has about 26,000 customers worldwide.