Xobni Gadget Store Welcomes Facebook, Microsoft, Salesforce.com

Xobni opens its Xobni Gadget Store, using Google's OpenSocial gadget APIs for allowing Websites and programs to share information. Facebook, Twitter, Salesforce and others are on board.

Xobni May 3 took its next step in its progression toward building a more productive inbox by letting users access applications made by Facebook, Microsoft, Salesforce.com and others from Microsoft's Outlook email program.

Xobni for Outlook is the company's free plug-in users can download to help sift through and search the troves of email data, from saved to sent or deleted messages.

The tool also provides more social color and context connecting users with their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn contacts. Xobni also offers Xobni Pro, a paid version.

Leveraging Google's OpenSocial gadgets APIs, the new Xobni Gadget Store lets companies drop their software into the Xobni sidebar to the right side of a user's Outlook email inbox.

The idea is to help developers boost exposure to their products from Xobni for Outlook, which has been downloaded by more than 7 million users.

The Xobni Gadget Store lets users access content from their Dropbox, Evernote, GoldMail, Google Translate, Atlassian JIRA and WebEx productivity programs, as well as collaboration software from powers such as Microsoft SharePoint and Salesforce.com Chatter, Yammer and Huddle.

Xobni also provides gadgets that allow users to pull their content from Facebook, Flickr, Hoover's, Klout, LinkedIn, Twitter, Xing, YouTube and Yelp into the Xobni toolbar.

Xobni is also double-dipping with Salesforce.com, letting users access Salesforce.com's CRM app through Outlook in addition to the Chatter social collaboration app.

Alternatively, Xobni business customers can run customized gadgets for SAP, Oracle, SharePoint and Active Directory for their enterprise employees to access.

Like Xobni's exisiting free or paid offerings, the Xobni Gadget Store offers both free gadgets as well as paid gadgets for $9.99 per user, per year.