Xobni Now Socializing Outlook with Facebook, Yahoo

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Xobni Now Socializing Outlook with Facebook, Yahoo

Xobni Now Socializing Outlook with Facebook, Yahooby Clint Boulton

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Your Inbox with Xobni

This could be your inbox on Xobni. Note the Xobni plug-in to the right.

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Yahoo on Xobni

Xobni uses Yahoo's open Mail APIs to let users preview their Yahoo Mail messages and search their e-mail and contacts from within Outlook.

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Friending Facebook

Xobni's sidebar uses Facebook's Desktop API to display status messages, network information, profile pictures, friends' pictures and recent updates made to Facebook profiles.

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Skype-ing It on Xobni

Xobni's sidebar lets users send instant messages to other Skype users and conduct Skype-to-Skype calls, and enables low-cost calling to land lines and mobile phone numbers.

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When Xobni Meets Hoovers

For those who want to keep up on business information, Xobni displays message senders' company information, including the official Hoover's company description, size of the company and headquarters location, based on e-mail domain inside the Xobni profile.

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