CES 2015: No Limit to Imagination Packed into New Products

Child locators, high-end Bluetooth speakers, wall-size monitors and a Superstar Backfloat speaker for pools are just a few of the cool new products at CES.

Here's a list of product announcements and subsequent links for more information from CES 2015 Press Day, which featured 26 exhibitor press conferences on Jan. 5. Major Press Day product announcements included:


B2 Premium 24-bit Bluetooth Speaker: Wirelessly stream music from any Bluetooth-enabled device -- computer, iDevice, or Android phone. High-quality Audioengine stereo sound; includes a hand-built wood cabinet, Bluetooth aptX, 24-bit upsampling DAC, and extended wireless range.


BME 680, world's first sensor measuring humidity, air pressure and gas; Dremel, the only UL certified 3D printer on the market; and Nyon, an integrated e-bike with smartphone app and online portal.

Child Angel

Wearable device for children that enables parents to track movements via Wi-fi and GPS, in an effort to avoid being lost in crowded public places.


4K Joey, first 4K set top box that also allows side-by-side viewing in HD; Hopper Voice Remote, dual-mode touchpad with swipe and touch capabilities; Sling TV, Standalone streaming TV service offering the best of Live TV and online video.


Cinema 600, compact digital projector that can scale up its display to 25 times larger than a 60-inch TV screen.


VIDAA Max 100-inch Laser Cinema TV features a blue laser diode light source offering 25,000 hours of viewing with no degradation of brightness or color.


Uses continuous physiological monitoring and bio-mathematical modeling to provide insights about personal and population-wide health.


Digital Key uses phone as vehicle key to remotely start/unlock car.


LG G Flex 2: 5.5-inch P-OLED display with 20 percent greater durability that "heals" from backing scratches in 10 seconds; flexible curved OLED 77-inch 4K.

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes-Benz F015 Luxury in Motion concept car (pictured), a self-driving vehicle, was debuted at the CES on Jan. 5. It's a concept car, not retail, that demonstrates Mercedes' idea for the future.

Mobilehelp & Honeywell

Mobile Vitals, a small wearable device that provides long-term vitals monitoring; Seymour, unified platform to pull health data and secure communication between health provider and patient.


Superstar Backfloat speaker (wireless, Bluetooth, waterproof and floats on water); Soundstage (S1, S2, S3 models), include USB ports, stereo input, Bluetooth, and streamed directly from your device.


First native 4K Blue-ray player; and Panasonic Home Monitoring System KX-HN6002W, DIY remote home monitoring system, features smart plug, window/door sensors, indoor/outdoor cameras and cordless handset.


Collaboration with LIFX to deliver Wi-fi based smart lighting platform with AllJoyn: Licensable technology to turn any lightbulb into a smart lightbulb.


AQUOS Crystal, a frameless smartphone; the first 85-inch 8K LCD; the world's largest 4K Ultra HD LCD commercial display; and free-form LCD display, allowing displays of virtually any shape to be integrated into consumer products.


Play Station Vue with 5-axis image stabilization, the world's first in a full-frame camera; 4K Handycam (20.6 megapixels); X900C Series 4K ultra HD TV, world's thinnest (1.2 inches) LCD TV.


TV+, the H9700, is a Quantum Dot TV which includes apps, gaming and voice control in the TV without any accessories.


Cruse 4U, automated driving technology that can automatically accelerate, decelerate and stay in lane according to traffic conditions.


Golf R Touch Concept Car, incorporates gesture control to reduce driver distractions while attaining personalization and intuitive operation in the car; trained parking, future Park Assist drives into garage semi-automatically.


ThesPro 2, a smart HD projector with Wi-Fi capability, 200 lumens, auto-focus, anti-glare, touch screen controlled with video conferencing via Skype.

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