Daily Tech Briefing: March 25, 2014

Beta users have been testing Google Glass devices since April 2013, but public opinion regarding these new products remains mixed. In an effort to encourage people to see beyond some of the negative press, Google has launched a list of the Top 10 Google Glass Myths. Some of the myths Google addresses include the belief that Google Glass is always recording everything, and that the glasses already have been banned in many establishments.

A March 23 report from The Wall Street Journal stated that Apple is in talks with Comcast about the possibility of paying the cable and internet provider for the ability to "bypass congestion on the Web," to ensure that people streaming Apple content get the best possible service. Apple insists that they are requesting a separate flow for their video traffic, not for their traffic to be prioritized over others, which would violate the net neutrality regulations that Comcast agreed to in 2011.

Officials from The White House Communications Agency - which is responsible for the secure communication platforms used by President Barack Obama and his staff - announced that they are testing Android phones made by Samsung and LG. However, this does not necessarily mean that the President will stop using his Blackberry, merely that other options are being tested to determine if they can be made highly secure.

Finally, Symantec, the world's largest security software provider, recently revealed it has terminated the contract of chief executive Steve Bennett after 20 months. The company's stock plummeted following the announcement. Symantec has been facing criticism for being slow to adopt the latest technologies, and experts say that a lot is riding on who will be named the next CEO.

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