Daily Tech Briefing: May 15, 2014

After several limited sales offers, Google announced on May 13 it is making Google Glass available to the broad U.S. market. Although Google Glass is still in beta test phase, the search giant said its computerized eyewear is now available to U.S. buyers for as long as the current supply remains in stock.

In a post on its Glass Google+ page, the company announced it is continuing efforts to make the sought-after product available to a larger selection of "explorers" who are trying them out in the wild. Meanwhile, officials said they were looking to officially launch Google Glass to an even broader audience later this year.

Dell has a launched the latest version of its Kace K1000 systems management appliance. The move will help businesses get ready for the expected barrage of connected devices and sensors that will make up the Internet of things. The company said its 6.0 version will not only give organizations better visibility of connected devices, but also of the systems and other endpoints that are all connected to its network.

And the launches keep coming with IBM rolling out its new B2B software for cloud-based and on-premise environments on May 13. The goal is to help organizations have deeper engagement with their partners and suppliers, to ensure that goods and services will get delivered efficiently.

According to IBM, organizations are now placing an increased focus on the customer experience, so building deeper partner and supplier engagements is more important than ever.

Finally, The Federal Communication Commission's Gigi Sohn held a net neutrality-focused Twitter Chat May 13. During the discussion, Twitter users urged the FCC to uphold net neutrality, with many making angry accusations and comments. Sohn explained that the FCC is considering whether it makes sense to reclassify ISPs to determine if it has any regulatory control over them.

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