Daily Video: Mozilla Takes $300M Gamble on Yahoo to Assert Independence

In a surprise move, Mozilla and Yahoo jointly announced a five-year partnership that will see Yahoo Search become the default search engine in the open-source Firefox Web browser.

This marks the end of a decade-long partnership with Google that that generated hundreds of millions of dollars in royalties per year for Mozilla and helped fund the open-source browser company's development projects and overall operations.

A Yahoo spokesperson told eWEEK that the partnership is a revenue-sharing agreement and includes certain guarantees. However, Yahoo and Mozilla didn't disclose the full details of their new partnership.

Samsung will reduce the number of smartphone models it offers for sale around the world by about 25 to 30 percent as it works to shore up its bottom line. The product line reductions come less than a month after Samsung reported third-quarter sales of $45.1 billion, down 19 percent from $56 billion during the same period last year.

Dell's new Unified Communications Command Suite gives organizations a single portfolio of products that they can use to gain greater visibility into their UC deployments to ensure that workers are able to find the best ways to use them and that the business is getting a solid return on their investments.

Dell officials are looking for a way to give businesses analytics and diagnostic tools to study their UC implementations find out how they're being used, what benefits they are getting and what communications services are needed.

Qualcomm, the world's top mobile chip maker, is ready to get into the crowded ARM-based server chip business. CEO Steve Mollenkopf said company engineers have been working on the technology "for some time."

While he was short on details, the entrance of such a large and well-funded player as Qualcomm is sure to send ripples throughout the still-evolving ARM server chip space and introduce a significant new competitor to Intel, which owns more than 90 percent of the server chip market.

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