Entegris, Inc.: Product Overview and Insight

Entegris' products purify, protect and transport critical materials within diverse industries such as semiconductor, data storage, chemical processing and fuel cell.


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Today: Entegris (IT value-chain enablement provider)

Entegris, Inc. (ENTG) is a global developer, manufacturer and supplier of microcontamination control products, specialty chemicals and advanced materials handling solutions for manufacturing processes in the semiconductor and other high-technology industries. The company's mission is to leverage their unique breadth of capabilities to create value for their customers by developing mission-critical solutions to maximize manufacturing yields, reduce manufacturing costs and enable higher device performance.

Entegris products purify, protect, and transport critical materials within diverse industries such as semiconductor, data storage, chemical processing and fuel cell. The company provides innovative, science-based solutions to help customers in the most advanced industries improve their performance and transform the world. These products and materials are often used to make the building blocks of many of the world's most complex microelectronic products, such as computers, mobile devices and phones, data storage components, televisions and monitors and automobiles.

Entegris believes that the smartphone, internet of things and emerging applications in cloud computing, machine learning and artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, cryptocurrency and virtual reality will drive growth in the demand for semiconductors, drive wafer starts and create significant opportunities for its products.

Company descriptionFounded in 1966, Entegris is headquartered in Billerica, Mass., with manufacturing, laboratory, sales, and support facilities around the globe. The company is publicly traded on the NASDAQ exchange (NASDAQ: ENTG).

Entegris’s singular mission has been to help customers utilize its advanced science-based solutions to support a safer workplace; to innovate faster and more efficiently. Bertrand Loy is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Entegris and a member of its board of directors.


Traditional markets: Semiconductors Aerospace, Data Storage, EDM, Flat Panel Display, General Industrial, Glass, LED, Life Sciences, Solar, Water Treatment

New markets: Digital Health, Digital Transportation , Digital Energy, Digital Communication

International Operations: 

Entegris is ISO 9001 certified and has manufacturing, customer service and/or research facilities in the United States, China, France, Germany, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan.  Additional information can be found at www.entegris.com.

Product and Services

Entegris delivers innovative, science-based solutions to help customers in the most advanced industries improve their performance. The company offers one of the broadest portfolio of solutions in the industry, from specialty engineered chemicals and gases to the most-advanced filtration solutions of its kind to the components that move and protect these materials through the supply chain. There is virtually no other company that can provide all these solutions under one roof.

Entegris products and services by business focus:

Specialty Chemicals & Engineering Materials

Specialty Gases: Entegris is the leader in providing safe storage and delivery of highly toxic gases for a variety of manufacturing processes.

Chemistries: As a provider of advanced specialty materials and delivery systems, Entegris has the expertise to formulate and deliver the chemistries needed to enable a manufacturer’s process and reach its performance goals.

Bare Die/CSP Trays: Entegris provides comprehensive IC Packaging delivery systems for protecting and transporting bare die, CSP, opto electronics and other microelectronic devices.

Specialty Materials: Premium graphite, silicon carbide, and coating solutions for today’s demanding high-tech applications.

Refurbishment Services: Refurbishes used Entegris or non-Entegris products to "like-new" condition to save customers' money. Work is copy-exact to the original manufacturing process and refurbished products are always extensively tested.

Microcontamination Control

Gas Filtration and Purification: Removing unwanted gas molecules from air or process gas flows is paramount to reducing process contamination. Entegris' suite of filters and diffusers are designed to protect rooms and processes from contaminants.

Liquid Filtration and Purification: At the core of Entegris' capabilities is the advanced scientific know-how and manufacturing finesse to deliver the some of the best liquid filtration and purification solutions available today.

Analytical Services: Entegris' Analytical Services team provides comprehensive services to ensure manufacturers have the knowledge and products to protect their processes from defects caused by airborne molecular contamination.

Cleaning Services: Entegris offers state-of-the-art cleaning capabilities and microcontamination analysis equipment, combined with the ability to manage logistics, spare parts and product recertification.

Regeneration Services: Entegris provides an easy way to recycle customer gas purifiers. Recycling can save money and lower cost of ownership; it's environmentally friendly and also extends a customer's purifier warranty.

Advanced Materials Handling

Hard Disk Component Handling: Entegris provides reliable hard disk component-handling solutions that transport critical materials safely and efficiently.

Mask and Reticle Handling: Correct handling of important process technology is critical to process performance. Entegris pods, packages and systems provide top-shelf protection from damage and contamination.

Other Substrate Handling: Entegris wafer pods and cassettes are designed to provide the ultimate protection for manufacturer’s valuable substrates, keeping them free from damage and contamination during routine transport activities.

Wafer Handling: Innovative wafer shipping and processing solutions offering outstanding protection for valuable wafers.

Fluid Management: Entegris provides entire system solutions for building a complete, leak-free, reliable fluid handling network from bulk chemical distribution to the point of use.

Field Support Services: Entegris' field service program provides manufacturers with the support they need within their own facility for custom care that works within their specific process procedures.

FOUP (Front Opening Unified Pods) Services: Entegris' analytical team works with its customers to help problem-solve and troubleshoot. 

Insight and Analysis

Entegris is $3.7 billion company that resides on the periphery of the IT world in that it doesn’t create IT hardware or software but provides needed products and services that enable manufacturing, materials handling and chemical distribution of products used in the development of IT products and services. Not many other companies are able to handle the breadth of products and services Entegris does. The fact that the company has been around and successful since 1966 is a testament to its forward-thinking management and investors. Entegris is a publicly held company with a steady return on investment, according to Yahoo Finance records.

Entegris continues to invest its workforce, product lineup and in new-product innovation. There is no one third-party reviewer or researcher for the individual products, but there are a group of scientific analysts (listed below) who provide deep-dive analyses of the company.

Based on the breadth of solutions the company provides, plus its longevity in the business and its steady financial record, eWEEK awards Entegris an evaluation of 4½ stars out of 5.

Current customers: Samsung, Intel, among others

Delivery:  various

Pricing:  Upon consultation  

Key player in this market: Applied Materials

Contact information for potential customers:  https://www.entegris.com/content/en/home/customer-service/contact-us.html; 1-800 394 4083



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