How Genpact's AI Works to Improve Contact Centers

Neural Chat Assistant is built on Genpact's Neural Intelligence Platform, which combines human experience with machine intelligence.

It's a safe bet to say that chatbots and human-machine interaction in retail and service applications will be a continuing trend for 2017 and beyond. They are, in fact, already being used in a growing number of enterprises.

Genpact, a GE spinoff that provides new-generation business process management software and services, on Jan. 10 launched what it calls a Neural Chat Assistant. This software platform in effect rebuilds contact center operations with an artificial intelligence virtual advisor designed to improve customers' buying experiences.

Neural Chat Assistant is the first of several planned solutions built on Genpact's Neural Intelligence Platform, which combines human experience with machine intelligence.

Interprets Caller's Query in Seconds

Neural Chat Assistant interprets a customer's chat query in seconds and provides specific responses that can automatically reply to most customer queries. It also learns from agents' and customers' interactions and delivers accurate answers based on prior selections. The solution can identify whether or not customers are pleased with a certain response based on their typed replies, and if sensing satisfaction can recommend that an agent offer a new product.

To optimize contact center operations, enterprises need to speed agents' response times to customer queries correctly, enable real-time analysis of customer sentiment and integrate operations that identify opportunities to cross-sell products and services. Genpact contends that Neural Chat Assistant enables these benefits by using leading-edge technologies such as cognitive computing, natural language processing, natural language generation, machine learning and other AI tools.

These tools, used alongside Genpact's deep domain and industry expertise, can provide intelligent chat operations with algorithms and analytics that can sense, act, and learn over time, the company said.

Productivity Increases

Genpact contends that its solution can increase a human agent's productivity by 100 percent and reduces response times by 50 percent, based on results from current engagements. Neural Chat Assistant uses Genpact's longtime experience in managing one of the world's largest learning data sets for business operations processing and running numerous contact centers for large multinational companies.

This expertise translates into valuable insights using AI that can predictably bring accurate results, the company said.

Most contact centers do not realize their full potential to improve customer experience. While chat is one of the fastest growing communication channels around the world—and the predominant one for millennials—most companies have yet to deploy advanced chat-based contact center solutions. These can decrease problem resolution times from minutes to seconds, reduce negative escalations, predict and answer next questions to avoid follow up inquiries and offer consistency and compliance in processes.

AI Can Cover Many Deficiencies

Many contact centers are highly dependent on an agent's skills and training. Thus, the slightest deficiency in knowledge or process can result in poor customer experiences, causing losses in revenue and brand reputation.

Neural Chat Assistant is part of Genpact's Neural Intelligence Platform, an AI-based platform built on more than a decade of research and development in high performance business processing practices.

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