PhotoSpring Stores Images in Intelligent WiFi Connected Frame

Next-generation digital frame displays and shares photos and videos for viewing with family and friends all over the world.


This can be considered both a data storage and an innovation article, because there are abundant elements of both in this new touchscreen product.

PhotoSpring, a fully automated digital photo frame, has announced—just in time for the holidays, by the way—that users are now able to view both photos and videos in the same slideshow, playing videos automatically, without interruption.

Most people have thousands of photos and videos documenting important life moments but are unable to fully appreciate them, because they are buried in devices such as smartphones, computer hard drives, and digital camera memory cards.

PhotoSpring has found a way to help people stay connected to what is important to them through its groundbreaking digital frame that incorporates smart software, a portable hardware design and companion apps that work with iPhone and Android devices, as well as Mac and Windows computers.

Can Share Photos, Videos Anywhere in the World

Users can add or subtract images and videos to any PhotoSpring anywhere in the world via a smartphone or PC app. Add the photo here, it comes out there—wherever the unit is located.

Senior citizens who have issues with electronic devices like this don’t have to worry about maintaining the content in it. Family members using the PhotoSpring app can add new photos or videos any time they want.

PhotoSpring’s smart software is an innovation. It can automatically crop and optimize a photo for best display.

Other PhotoSpring feature highlights:

  • Intelligent: PhotoSpring software analyzes photos and videos, selects the best ones and optimizes them for display. This happens automatically, without any user intervention. The frame formats each photo to display perfectly on the screen and selects a new set of photos to be displayed each day.
  • Simple and secure sharing: PhotoSpring makes it easy to share photos and videos with family and friends who have PhotoSpring frames, whether they live around the corner or the other side of the world. PhotoSpring owners can invite family and friends to share photos directly to their frame using a PhotoSpring companion app or through the PhotoSpring website. Shared photos are sent directly to the frame and displayed automatically. All photos are stored directly on the device, not in the cloud.
  • Connected: Using its built-in Wi-Fi connection, PhotoSpring is always ready to receive and display the latest photos sent by the owner or shared by family and friends.
  • Portable: The frame offers portability with a battery and a charging stand that allow for quick access and mobility.
  • Easy to use: PhotoSpring requires minimal technical expertise to set up and enjoy. The intuitive, high-resolution touchscreen interfacelets users browse or find photos and videos from their entire collection.

“Digital photo frames are a great solution for displaying photos, but most are complex to set up and use,” Dan Ho, CEO and co-founder of PhotoSpring, told eWEEK. “PhotoSpring is simple to use. We are creating new ways to help people stay connected to the moments and memories that are important to them.”

PhotoSpring comes in either black or white and in 16GB (which can hold about 15,000 photos; $149) and 32GB (about 30,000 photos; $169) capacity sizes.

PhotoSpring is based in Los Angeles. For more information, go here.

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