Prysm LPD 6K Video Monitor Raises the Bar for Video Walls

Cisco Systems demoed TelePresence 12 years ago, and it was impressive as mere HD. Now Prysm has 6K ultra-high definition, and the screen is much larger at 190 inches; the future of wall-size video systems has indeed arrived.


SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Remember all those predictions from years ago about what life was going to look like in the 21st century? Flying cars, space travel, robot maids, “beam me up”—you know the drill.

There was another one that always seemed to be included in those futuristic fantasies: wall-size video screens. Up to now, whenever someone wanted to have a super-large display, he or she had to do it in sections, using lots of smaller video screens clustered and coordinated to comprise one large one.

Not anymore. Now an enterprise can station a very-high-quality (6K) Jumbotron-size video monitor in its own executive meeting room—we’re talking about a 190-inch screen on a unit that’s 6 feet high and only a couple of feet thick.

It was designed and built using Prysm Laser Phosphor Display (LPD), in which vertical bars instead of dots are used to show colors and images onscreen.

Whole New Segment Being Created

Prysm, Inc., a new-gen display and visual collaboration solutions provider, is helping create a whole new segment for the video monitor industry with this humongous video screen. Earlier this month, the San Jose, Calif.-based startup introduced its top-of-the-line Prysm Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) 6K Series. These interactive large-format single panel displays offer a panoramic image uninterrupted by seams or bezels with power consumption similar, the company claims, to a commercial coffee maker. The displays are shatter-resistant, flexible and the screens come off and roll up for transport.

The frame unit is a different story. It breaks into smaller sections but, as one might imagine, it’s not a portable device. But once it’s in place, it is indeed an impressive presentation tool.

I was on hand for eWEEK in 2006 when Cisco Systems CEO John Chambers introduced the company’s TelePresence system, which for the demo had participants in places such as London, Tokyo and Frankfurt. They were smaller high-definition screens than Prysm’s, but the images were so sharp and lifelike that if someone in one of the other locations sneezed, you thought you should turn your head to avoid catching germs.

That demo was 12 years ago, and it was mere HD. Now Prysm has 6K ultra-high definition, and the screen is much larger. The future of wall-size video systems has indeed arrived.

New Era for Video Walls:  LPD 6K’s Defining Technology

Prysm claims that its LPD 6K can deliver top-notch experiences across vastly different use cases. From an up-close ideation session using touch, to a private theater setting with a large audience, the images and content remain crisp. Having seen a demo, I can attest to the high quality of this video screen; I’ve never seen anything as sharp, nor the colors as bright and true, as this one.

In fact, it is very difficult to describe the screen quality of the LPD 6K in an article. Even if we tried to show a video, it wouldn’t do the job. One has to actually sit right in front of it to see what we’re talking about.

Here are some factoids from the company about the LPD 6K:

  • An immersive, bezel-free viewing experience, featuring a high fill factor and an exceptional contrast ratio, resulting in striking picture quality and built-in interactivity with more than 30 simultaneous touchpoints
  • A cool-to-the-touch screen with low power intake, consuming at least 20 percent less energy than similarly sized LED/LCD video walls with 96 percent recyclable materials
  • Better serviceability with easier access from the front of the unit

The LPD 6K Series is uniquely optimized for the following markets:

  • Collaboration and innovation centers: Coupled with Prysm’s visual collaboration platform, the LPD 6K makes meetings more engaging and immersive, ultimately resulting in better, faster decisions
  • Digital signage:  Delivers a beautiful, uncompromised distance-viewing experience at 6K to draw in customers with the ability to easily switch to an immersive, touch-enabled experience
  • Private theaters: Provides an ultra-clear, color rich 6K experience with an uninterrupted viewing experience

Modular Design a Key

The new modular design helps speed display integration and permits installation in a variety of locations. The durable front screen, which is made of a specialty coated polycarbonate layer, is rolled into a cylinder for easy transport. Thanks to this feature, integrators can negotiate tight corners and enter through standard doors and passenger elevators during setup--something that is pretty much impossible for conventional large-format displays.

The LPD 6K Series is currently in general availability and shipping to partners and customers. The new package is helping to define a new category of interactive large-format single panel displays, with bezel-free viewing above 100 inches, with screen sizes available at 190 and 135 inches.

“The Prysm LPD 6K is the centerpiece of our new Media Learning Center, where we conduct advanced clinical education and training for our healthcare practitioners,” Dr. John P. Troup, vice president of clinical science, education and innovation at Standard Process, told eWEEK. “At a time when practitioners are looking to incorporate more ‘wholistic’ approaches to support their patients, we require a technology solution that can help us better illustrate and share our message.

“We love this new Prysm technology, because it makes the patient come alive for our audience, delivers augmented reality-based education and provides a more engaging and effective experience than ever before.”

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