SAP Teams With Vuzix on New Apps for Video Eyewear

SAP's new augmented reality applications help simplify and improve work processes by providing a hands-free working experience.

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SAP, well-established for backend enterprise, analytics and cloud system software, is branching out into the wearable computing realm.

Vuzix Corp., a Rochester, N.Y.-based supplier of video eyewear and smart glasses for the consumer, commercial and entertainment markets, revealed on Oct. 17 that SAP has released two new applications for the company's M100 Smart Glasses for Enterprise.

Vuzix competes in the same market as Google Glass, a pioneering wearable computing system launched in July 2012. Smart glasses have turned out to be a polarizing product for some people who believe they can be intrusive to people's privacy.

SAP's new augmented reality applications, SAP AR Warehouse Picker and SAP AR Service Technician, help simplify and improve work processes by providing a hands-free working experience.

Vuzix has been working with SAP to develop augmented reality applications using the M100 Smart Glasses for application in enterprise areas that include warehousing and field service. In support of the new software, Vuzix has started shipping upgraded smart glasses to SAP's sales team members, pre-loaded with the SAP demo software.
The Warehouse Picker is designed to enable hands-free mobility for workers using visualization and voice recognition to receive instructions via the M100 Smart Glasses to complete daily tasks without needing to use a hand-held scanning device.

Functions also include bar code scanning for handling units, locations, products, stations and any other required scans, in addition to voice input for quantity confirmation. Using secure authentication in the user's SAP system through QR-Code identity scans, warehouse employees don't need to enter a username, password, or login to do their work.

To view a concept video of the SAP AR Warehouse Picker, go here.

The SAP Service Technician allows the field-service technician to have access to 3D models of their workplace in a hands-free experience, allowing them to perform necessary operations. The application features voice recognition and enables the use of an expert calling feature which enables a remote expert to give directions to a colleague while seeing what the field technician is seeing through their M100 Smart Glasses or Head Mounted Display.

To view a concept video of the SAP Service Technician, go here.

These applications are scalable and have the potential to streamline operations in the warehouse, airline, oil and gas, and automotive industries, among others, Vuzix said.

Vuzix holds 39 patents, 10 additional patents pending and numerous IP licenses in the video eyewear field. The company has won Consumer Electronics Show awards for innovation for the years 2005 to 2014 and several other wireless technology innovation awards. Founded in 1997, Vuzix is a public company with offices in Rochester, N.Y., Oxford, UK, and Tokyo, Japan.

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