Startup Pyze Offers Mobile App Developers Free BI Analytics

Only a few big players are grabbing the lion's share of the multibillion-dollar mobile app revenue. This is where Pyze comes to the rescue.

Non-bakery startup Pyze has a noble mission: It wants to democratize business intelligence by making that functionality available right out of the box for mobile application developers.

Data scientists? Who needs them? Write natural language queries and let the software do all the heavy lifting.

The 3-year-old company emerged from stealth 10 days ago to introduce Pyze Growth Intelligence, a platform the company contends is the first business intelligence platform that enables mobile app publishers of all sizes to maximize app growth, personalize engagement—and make some money.

Even more impressive: Pyze is free of charge—at least for the time being.

"Our goal is to bring business intelligence to all mobile app publishers," Prabhjot Singh, president and co-founder, told eWEEK. "We have a team with a tremendous amount of background in big data and SaaS; we ourselves have built apps for millions of users. We know the pain points that happen in this space."

Addresses Booming Mobile App Market for Smaller Players

The mobile app market is ballooning to huge proportions; in fact, it is doubling in size each year. It has been predicted to grow to anywhere from $77 billion to $99 billion by 2019 by several research firms. MarketsandMarkets charted it as a $25 billion business in 2015 and said will probably reach $45 billion to $50 billion this year.

But only a few big players are grabbing the lion's share of the revenue. This is where Pyze wants to come to the rescue.

Singh describes the mobile app market as "the best of times and the worst of times. It depends upon who you are. The big players like Supercell, who makes Clash of Clans, or King, who makes Candy Crush Saga—they have apps that are making over a million dollars a day. But there are more than a million app publishers out there, and most of them make less than $500 a month. They're living on ramen, basically.

"So there's a huge inequality in the app market. It's really the big app publishers who can build the data pipeline, that can hire the data scientists, that can use all these predictive algorithms to target users. They are the ones who are winning this game," Singh said.

So Pyze believes it has the answer for the small players with its Growth Intelligence platform.

Pyze Growth Intelligence: Data Scientist in a Box

Data scientists are in extremely high demand, and the few available are heavily resource-constrained. Pyze Growth Intelligence helps marketers and even data scientists automatically correlate data from multiple sources, using machine learning and deep contextualization to cluster users based on common traits and behavior, Singh said.

Pyze Growth Intelligence enables app publishers to interact with the right users at the right time by automatically identifying under-monetized users, increasing loyalty of active users, re-engaging with attrition-risk users and resurrecting churned users. App publishers can deploy custom on-boarding plans and quickly act upon trends, patterns and anomalies based on the individual behavior across millions of users in real time.

Key features of Pyze Growth Intelligence include:
--Visual intelligence: Provides key business metrics, predictions, real-time activity, cohorts, churn, and automated event and screen funnel analysis.

--Growth automation: Creates custom interaction points to on-board new users, engage active users and resurrect users in attrition, automatically driven by behavioral intelligence, key user actions and usage milestones.

--Intelligence explorer: Provides precise targeting across the entire user base through automated segmentation and real-time explorations using key behavioral attributes like engagement, loyalty, revenue, attrition-risk, cohorts and many more.

--Contextual marketing: Enables app publishers to create meaningful touch points with users via push notifications and in-app messaging, at the time when individual users are most receptive to each message type.

--Smart app agent: Pyze iOS and Android agents use artificial intelligence to adapt to an environment, intelligently minimize instrumentation and device resource consumption, while eliminating the need for personal data collection.

The company has also secured $1.7 million in seed funding, with investors including Double Rock Ventures and well-known angel investors in New York and the Bay Area. The company will use these funds for product development and commercialization. Angel investors include Jim Wilson (chairman, Corcept), Fred Dotzler (De Novo Ventures), Dr. Narinder Kapany (inventor of fiber optics), Gerry Ohrstrom (chairman, Vistan Corp.) and Tyson Strauser (founder, Trenchant Capital Management), among others.

In addition to the seed funding, Pyze has received about $500,000 from startup programs by Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft BizSpark Plus, enabling Pyze to scale its SaaS business.


Following a six-month beta phase, Pyze Growth Intelligence is now generally available free of charge, offering immediate access to premium analytics, intelligence-driven marketing and automated growth—the same capabilities for which other vendors charge thousands of dollars per month.

Pyze also offers an enterprise version of the platform, which provides advanced capabilities such as API data access, unlimited data retention and premium support. This is where the company's business model kicks in.

For more information and to download, go here (signup required).

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