Tech Briefing: Michael Dell Says Emerging Markets Key to Future Growth

Speaking to a group of international and U.S. journalists, Michael Dell recently discussed his company's opportunities in emerging markets.

About half of Dell's revenues come from outside of the United States, he said. Like most other tech vendors, Dell sees the potential in emerging markets such as China, India and Brazil, countries with huge populations and growing middle classes.

Dell said that the company's efforts in becoming a complete enterprise systems provider—from PC and tablets through the networking, storage and servers in the data center to its cloud offerings—will enable it to meet the changing customer demands both in the United States and worldwide.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation recently unveiled the Model A+, a Linux-based computing board that includes many of the features of the Model A, but is smaller, less expensive and more power-efficient.

In addition, the Model A includes many of the enhancements the foundation made to the Model B, which was announced in July. That includes having 40 pins in its general-purpose input/output header rather than 26, and it supports the foundation's "Hardware Attached on Top" standard.

The United States Postal Service revealed on Nov. 10 that it was the victim of a cyber-intrusion incident against its IT systems. The postal service emphasized in a statement that all operations are currently working normally and that it believes the intrusion was limited in scope.

Although the USPS statement does not indicate the scope, a report in the Washington Post claims that 800,000 employees are at risk.

Mitel is increasing its bid for unified communications vendor ShoreTel to $574 million in an effort to bring ShoreTel officials to the bargaining table.

In late October, ShoreTel's board of directors rejected an unsolicited offer of $540 million for the company, saying the bid undervalued ShoreTel's assets.

Bringing the two companies together would create the world's top cloud telephony vendor based on the number of installed seats and would generate more than $45 million of recurring cloud revenue every quarter, according to Mitel CEO Richard McBee.

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