10 Must-Have Attributes of a Next-Gen IT Manager

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10 Must-Have Attributes of a Next-Gen IT Manager

by Eric Lundquist

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A Conductor, Not a Violin Soloist

The next-gen manager acquires resources both externally and internally. He (or she) will meld those resources into a modern IT infrastructure.

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Radar Operator

The next-gen manager will build a technology tracking system peering ahead 12 to 18 months for key technologies to keep the company competitive. A big part of this job will be bringing in new company operations (power, heating, security) to the digital network.

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The next-gen manager will not pass off digital security responsibilities, but will acquire the right people and resources to build a secure infrastructure.

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Dashboard Driver

The next-gen manager will build a real-time digital dashboard displaying the current state of the IT infrastructure and alerting the manager to potential problems before they blow up into full-blown crisis.

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Compliance Co-coordinator

The next-gen manager will work with legal and financial execs to bake compliance capabilities into the IT system rather than try to add on those capabilities after the fact.

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No, not chief information officer. The next-gen IT manager will be the chief innovation officer when it comes to matching technology to business needs. The ability to take new approaches to technology acquisition and development will divide the stars from the also-rans.

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The Social Whirl

The next-gen manager will be the go to guy (or gal) for understanding how social networks and real-time communication from customers can be made part of a safe, reliable, always-on IT network.

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No, not chief marketing officer. The next-gen IT manager will be the chief mobility officer. Instead of adapting existing applications for mobile operations, the next-gen manager will design applications to be mobile from the start.

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Big Green Thinker

The next-gen IT manager will understand the full environmental cycle of the technology products and services used in the corporation. The manager will manage that cycle from product acquisition through efficient use and all the way to recycle.

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There is a coming crisis in the IT profession as older IT pros retire and replacements are not being trained in colleges or on the job. Mentoring will move from a nice thing to do to a primary requirement for the next-gen IT manager.