10 Years of Mozilla

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10 Years of Mozilla

10 Years of MozillaThis week marks the 10th anniversary of the Mozilla browser, the most successful open-source product created from a previous commercial product. For this anniversary, we're taking a look back at some of the key moments in Mozilla's history.By Jim Rapoza

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10 Years of Mozilla - Netscape Goes Open Source

Netscape Goes Open Source <img src="/imagesvr_ez/b2bezp/2016/05/netscapelogo.jpg?alias=original" alt="image" /> In 1998, after ending up on the losing end of the browser wars with Microsoft, Netscape makes the decision to take its Netscape Communicator Internet suite and convert it into an open-source project.

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10 Years of Mozilla - Mozilla Code Is Born

Mozilla Code Is Born <img src="/imagesvr_ez/b2bezp/2016/05/appdevpc.jpg?alias=original" alt="appdevpc.jpg" /> With the original Netscape code proving to be bloated and complex, developers of the open-source Mozilla browser decide to rewrite the code from scratch.

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10 Years of Mozilla - AOL Jumps the Gun

AOL Jumps the Gun <img src="/imagesvr_ez/b2bezp/2016/05/aol_web_browser.jpg?alias=original" alt="aol_web_browser.jpg" /> With the Mozilla project still under the control of Netscape and its new owner AOL, Netscape 6 is released based on what is still very early Mozilla beta code. While it shows some of the future promise of Mozilla, Netscape 6 is poorly received due to bugginess and feature bloat.

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10 Years of Mozilla - Mozilla Browser Is Born

Mozilla Browser Is Born <img src="/imagesvr_ez/b2bezp/2016/05/mozilla_logo.jpg?alias=original" alt="mozilla_logo.jpg" /> In June 2002, more than four years after the Netscape code was open-sourced, the first version of the Mozilla suite is finally released to generally positive reviews.

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10 Years of Mozilla - Escaping Netscapes Clutches

Escaping Netscape's Clutches <img src="/imagesvr_ez/b2bezp/2016/05/mozilla_browser.jpg?alias=original" alt="mozilla_browser.jpg" /> The Mozilla Foundation is formed in 2003 and the browser is finally free from the stifling oversight of Netscape/AOL. With this newfound freedom, the Foundation quickly moves to create a stand-alone browser and compete directly with Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

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10 Years of Mozilla - Firefox Rises from the Ashes

Firefox Rises from the Ashes <img src="/imagesvr_ez/b2bezp/2016/05/mozilla_firefox.jpg?alias=original" alt="mozilla_firefox.jpg" /> Version 1.0 of the stand-alone browser, Firefox, is released to widespread critical acclaim and broad user enthusiasm. In its first year it is downloaded over 100 million times.

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10 Years of Mozilla - Mozilla Delivers the Mail

Mozilla Delivers the Mail <img src="/imagesvr_ez/b2bezp/2016/05/thunderbird.jpg?alias=original" alt="thunderbird.jpg" /> Though Firefox gets most of the attention, the Mozilla Foundation also delivers on the other core piece of the original Netscape suite by releasing Version 1.0 of the Thunderbird e-mail client in 2005.

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10 Years of Mozilla - Going Corporate

Going Corporate <img src="/imagesvr_ez/b2bezp/2016/05/mozilla_user_market_share.jpg?alias=original" alt="mozilla_user_market_share.jpg" /> With the market share of Firefox growing into double digits (all at the expense of IE), Mozilla Corp. is formed to market Firefox and generate revenue from its growth.

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10 Years of Mozilla - Firefoxs Second Act

Firefox's Second Act <img src="/imagesvr_ez/b2bezp/2016/05/mozilla_firefox_v2_browser.jpg?alias=original" alt="mozilla_firefox_v2_browser.jpg" /> In 2006 Firefox 2.0 is released. This version focuses on improved usability and new security features, but is essentially a modest upgrade from the previous version.

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10 Years of Mozilla - SeaMonkey Launches

SeaMonkey Launches <img src="/imagesvr_ez/b2bezp/2016/05/seamonkey.jpg?alias=original" alt="seamonkey.jpg" /> With the original Mozilla suite no longer under development by Mozilla, developers relaunch it under the early Mozilla code name of SeaMonkey, once again giving users the option of a full Internet suite.

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10 Years of Mozilla - Firefox: The Next Generation

Firefox: The Next Generation <img src="/imagesvr_ez/b2bezp/2016/05/mozilla_firefox_logo.jpg?alias=original" alt="mozilla_firefox_logo.jpg" /> Late 2007 sees the second beta of Firefox 3. This version includes many new features, such as support for Web 2.0 and social networking as well as offline Web application support.

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10 Years of Mozilla - Bye-Bye, Netscape

Bye-Bye, Netscape <img src="/imagesvr_ez/b2bezp/2016/05/netscapelogo.jpg?alias=original" alt="image" /> In a nice bit of symmetry, almost exactly 10 years after Mozilla is born from the ashes of the Netscape Communicator Suite, it is announced that the Netscape browser, which has limped along all this time (using mainly Mozilla code) will cease to be developed.

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