A Tastier Dish: Dish Network ViP622

Editor Loyd Case impulsively upgrades his high-definition satellite DVR to a Dish Network ViP622. It's too early to give a thumbs up, but the signs are all good. (ExtremeTech)

Back in 2004, we tested out Dish 921—the companys first attempt at a high-definition DVR.

The 921 was really a low-end PC with a lot of custom hardware. While it did yeoman duty, it wasnt perfect. For example the DVR functionality would simply be off by a full 24 hours on occasion. It was also bulky and noisy.

Later, Dish came out with the 942, but I skipped that entirely.

Now, Dish is shipping the ViP622, their latest satellite HD-DVR. The ViP622 is capable of MPEG-4 decoding in addition to MPEG-2, which means it can receive additional HD content from Dish Network—including ten VOOM channels. When they offered a $99 upgrade from the 921, I couldnt resist.

Note that Dish recently lost a

A Tastier Dish: Dish Network ViP622