Acrobat 9 to Include Forms Data Tracking Service

New features in the upcoming release enable forms data tracking via and video commenting.

Sources familiar with the upcoming Acrobat 9-likely to be released early this summer-say one new wrinkle involves a forms data-tracking service via an updated Web site to be unveiled along with the release of the application upgrade.

The service resolves, Adobe-style, the age-old question of, "Once you make a PDF form in Acrobat, what do you do next?" Users who create effective e-forms for the first time quickly become overwhelmed when they realize that they have to do something with the data coming in to them via forms.

If that holds through to release, some third-party solutions on the market now will still be able to compete on the basis of being more inclusive: They can take input data collected via PDF, HTML, Microsoft InfoPath, and other types of forms.

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