Adobe Bridge Creates a Buzz

Customers say the new browsing application will facilitate file sharing and file management across the company's graphic design suite.

NEW YORK—A first look at the new Adobe Bridge feature in Adobe Systems forthcoming Creative Suite 2 got people talking at Mondays Adobe Ideas Conference here.

Adobe Systems Inc. officially announced the new suite, which includes new CS2 versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and GoLive, at the conference. Sponsored by the company, the Adobe Ideas Conferencefeatured a selection of workshops for design professionals and managers.

Adobe Bridge is a new file-browsing application introduced in CS2 that works across the suite, enabling users to easily view, sort and manage files while working in any of the suites applications. It is tightly integrated with Version Cue 2.

Randy Squires, a prepress team leader for Hemlock Printers Ltd., in Burnaby, British Columbia, said of CS2, "Its fantastic. With these changes, it will make it much easier for designers to get to their work." He said his department definitely will upgrade to CS2, partly for the functionality and partly to stay current. "We always have to have all the latest compatibilities," he said.