Adobe Tightens Workflow in CS2

Adobe Bridge, Version Cue CS2 and XMP combine to create new capabilities for managing files with metadata and storing previous versions for easy access and reference.

NEW YORK—New features in Adobe Creative Suite 2 will enable graphic design teams to manage their workflows more effectively with less time spent outside the Adobe design environment, according to panelists at this weeks Ideas conference here, sponsored by Adobe.

Adobe Systems Inc. announced at the show that Creative Suite 2 will ship next month. The updated suite includes new CS2 versions of Adobes design applications, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and GoLive. Version Cue has been updated to Version Cue CS2, and the suite also includes Acrobat 7 and the new Adobe Bridge file browser.

Adobe Product Manager Bob Schaffel, who moderated the workshop called "Simplifying Creative Workflows," said that Adobe Bridge, Version Cue CS2 and XMP (Extensible Metadata Platform) will deliver strong workflow capabilities.

Using this combination of tools, Schaffel said, users can add intelligence to their files and simplify the handling of metadata. Users can add metadata from any application in Creative Suite 2, he said. For a photo, they might add comments, keywords, and image colorspace and resolution settings. Other types of metadata update automatically, such as the font list accompanying an InDesign page layout.

Schaffel called Adobe Bridge "a replacement for the desktop." The Bridge is a file-browsing application that can be summoned for use in any of the suites applications. In its expanded-view mode, it displays thumbnail views of files—photos, page layouts and PDFs, for example—with panels for preview, metadata, previous versions, folders and Version Cue Workspaces.

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