AI and Robots and IoT, Oh My! Nine Tech Predictions for 2019

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AI and Robots and IoT, Oh My! Nine Tech Predictions for 2019

Artificial intelligence and robots will create “digital workers” for companies. The internet of things (IoT) will go mainstream. “Zero trust” will rule cyber-security. These are just three predictions recently published by Forrester as part of its “Predictions 2019: Transformation Goes Pragmatic” guide. One prediction will come as good news to overstretched CIOs: They are currently burdened with day-to-day IT tasks while attempting to steer a broader, more strategic digital transformation. Fortunately, Forrester forecasts that CIOs will have more time next year to focus on the latter while delegating the more routine tasks to trusted colleagues and employees. The following slide show presents nine of the predictions, with art provided courtesy of Forrester.

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CIOs Take the Reins

CIOs are stretched thin—from addressing aging systems to securing operations to leading a “digital first” transformation. In 2019, they will focus more on the latter by leveraging innovation to build value for customers.

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AI Builds a Foundation

Currently, artificial intelligence tools are helping leaders “tame” their data governance issues. By next year, AI and robotic process automation (RPA) will broaden from an implementation perspective, creating digital workers for more than 40 percent of companies.

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Robots Reimagine Talent Management

The bad news: Among the jobs that businesses can automate, 7 percent will be lost. The good news: There will be a greater call for talent to harness automation, robotics and AI to free employees from mundane, repetitive tasks so they can develop value-generating expertise.

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IoT Gets Down to Business

While consumer adoption of the internet of things has encountered hurdles, commercial industries are moving forward to enhance functions such as remote command and control. As a result, 85 percent of organizations will implement or plan to implement IoT in 2019, driving a more efficient and connected enterprise.

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The World Goes to Zero (Trust)

Cyber-wars have now reached an escalated, global state, and 2019 will see unprecedented attacks. “Zero trust” is about verifying everything inside and outside your walls—and organizations will embrace this to protect themselves from internal and external threats.

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Digital Goes Surgical

Instead of casting a wide net, enterprises will more pragmatically and incrementally pursue tangible digital transformation outcomes—such as boosting margins via automation. One-quarter of companies will decelerate digital efforts altogether and lose market share.

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CX Remains Under Fire

Brands are falling short with their customer experience (CX) tools and efforts, leading to gaps in customer emotional engagement/loyalty. As a result, 20 percent of brands will give up on strategic CX initiatives, turning to price cuts for short-term gains.

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Consumer Brands Enter the Outrage

There’s much anger, angst and divisiveness out there, especially in social media. More than ever, brands will enter political and cultural debates to show customers where they stand.

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EX Takes Center Stage

With technology and other workplace distractions taking a toll on worker satisfaction and productivity, executive leaders will seek to improve the employee experience (EX). But, because so many of these efforts will be misguided and/or incomplete, 85 percent will fail.

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Memo to Bosses: In Choosing Employers, Gen Z Seeks 'Cutting Edge' Tech

Anticipating that robots will emerge as their "office buddies," young people in the "Generation Z" demographic will seek out employers who bring the "latest/greatest" tech tools to the workplace.