Another Nail in the IT Certification Coffin - Page 2


Growing Talent In-House

Foote argues that the much-reported talent war and talent shortage is about companies not failing to build their own bench strength.

"There is a panic setting in at companies, they want to know what do. But, theyve known for years that they need to internally develop their own talent. Theyve lost their own farm system, and now they dont have the bench strength to get this stuff done. You cant easily outsource an architect, and weve known for many years that were going to need more of them, but were not growing them internally."

When companies should have been working on building up their own internal talent, Foote argues, they were often too busy doing what they do on a daily basis, remaining perpetually either understaffed or staffed with the wrong people.

"Put it like this: if youve seen a tsunami, youre already dead. But, if you plan ahead of time, moving people to different jobs and moving them ahead in their careers, youll be all right."

Foote sees the trend of devalued certified skills, increasingly prized noncertified skills as well as a difficulty finding them only increasing in the next year, and having disastrous results as more and more products and services are not delivered to customers on time.

"This is about increasing niche demand for skills and the reality that there isnt enough specialized talent to meet this demand. Its about declining bench strength and the steep price employers are starting to pay for not growing their skills in house," said Foote.

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