Avnet Health Care Analytics Platform Runs on HP HAVEn

The platform enables a cohesive view of a patient, regardless of where the data is stored within a health care provider’s infrastructure.

Global IT solutions distribution specialist and an operating group of Avnet, Avnet Technology Solutions, launched its Healthcare Analytics Platform, which will initially run HP’s HAVEn big data architecture.

The platform enables a cohesive view of a patient, regardless of where the data is stored within a health care provider’s infrastructure.

The HAVEn platform is designed for analyzing and finding meaning from big data--petabytes of structured and unstructured information. HAVEn also aims to identify information that is not needed and can be placed in low cost storage or even dumped.

For health care providers the combination of the Healthcare Analytics Platform and HAVEn offers the ability to integrate systems across multiple operational and clinical areas such as cardiology, oncology, orthopedics, geriatrics and neurosciences.

"We drew upon our deep healthcare and systems integration expertise to develop a platform to help healthcare providers drive efficiency to lower costs while improving patient care," Pat Stewart, vice president and general manager of IT Solutions for Avnet Services in the Americas, said in a statement. "Avnet’s new Healthcare Analytics Platform speeds the integration of disparate data to deliver useful analysis, visualizations, reports and information. By building the platform to run on HP HAVEn, we were able to provide the powerful analytics that healthcare providers need to obtain intelligence from this data to save lives."

The platform is designed to help healthcare providers integrate medical, operational and financial data from multiple systems to create a single, unified and secure view of patient information.

Developed by Avnet Services, the Healthcare Analytics Platform will be available exclusively through Avnet’s community of solution provider, system integrator and value-added reseller (VAR) partners in the United States and Canada.

Avnet’s partner community in the U.S. and Canada has honed its industry knowledge through the company’s SolutionsPath methodology and HealthPath practice.

Participating partners work with industry experts and receive healthcare market training. For example, the practice includes HealthPath University, which has been educating partners on the healthcare industry since 2006.

Additionally, partners can participate in a week-long internship program, which is held on-site at Scottsdale Healthcare hospitals, which provides participants with a better understanding of the daily challenges health care providers and their patients face.

"Avnet's unique services and technical capabilities, coupled with its understanding of the healthcare market, will enhance the adoption of our reference architecture," Harry Gould, vice president of worldwide alliances and channel for software at HP, said in a statement. "With the introduction of the Healthcare Analytics Platform, Avnet is turning our vision into a reality and providing a complete solution that channel partners can use to solve one of the most challenging IT issues facing healthcare providers."