Babys First Spam Magnet

As if choosing a name wasn't difficult enough, now parents have to select the perfect domain name, too.

Sequoia Hospital in Redwood City, Calif., has teamed with to offer "tech-savvy" parents the option to give newborns an e-mail address and personalized domain name as part of a "Welcome to the World" package.

The package also includes "online tips and resources for child care and parenting," NameZero said in a statement. (We can only hope that covers choosing age-appropriate gifts.)

"As our societys communications structure becomes increasingly centered on the Internet, the domain name is becoming an important form of identity, much like a social-security number," NameZero president Bruce Keiser said in what appears to be alleged sincerity.

Sequoia Hospital chief nurse executive Linda Kresge added, "Its a fun way to welcome new babies into the 21st century."

Well, it does beat a circumcision.