BEA Homes In on Departmental Computing

BEA unveils two new versions of its app server targeted at the departmental computing market.

BEA Systems Inc. on Tuesday will announce two new versions of its application server to focus on the departmental computing market.

Frazier Miller, BEAs director of product strategy, said the company is releasing a set of products as well as new channels to focus on the departmental level.

While IBM is saying it is moving beyond Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) for its next-generation application server, rival BEA is pushing new entry-level versions of its application server to promote J2EE adoption.

San Jose, Calif.-based BEA on Tuesday will announce BEA WebLogic Express and BEA WebLogic Server, Workgroup Edition, the company said.

"We think there are billions of dollars to be unlocked" at the departmental level, Miller said. The departmental solutions will help companies push down the cost of managing their applications, he said.

BEA WebLogic Express is a servlet engine or Web server, Miller said. It is used for building Java Server Pages applications and Java servlets. A servlet is a Java program that runs on the server side. The offering will not support transactions or e-commerce, but can be used build basic Web applications like Web sites, Miller said. The product runs about $500 per CPU, he said.

The BEA WebLogic Server, Workgroup Edition includes everything that the standard WebLogic application server has but is limited to only 20 concurrent users, Miller said. This version includes all the J2EE APIs, Enterprise JavaBeans support, Java Message Service and other technology in BEAs primary Java application server offering, he said. Yet, the workgroup edition costs $4,000 per CPU as opposed to $10,000 per CPU for the standard or Advantage version of BEAs WebLogic application server, and $17,000 per CPU for the Premium Edition of the application server, Miller said.

Meanwhile, BEA created a new channel to sell its two new offerings: the BEA Storefront, Miller said. The BEA Storefront is an e-commerce portal on the site.

BEA also inked a reseller agreement with Programmers Paradise Inc., of Shrewsbury, N.J., to sell these products along with dev2dev support. Dev2dev is BEAs developer community network, which provides support to developers.

Miller said the departmental focus "is very consistent with our mantra of developer love."

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