Beam Me Outta Priceline, Scotty

"I told you this dot-bomb was going to be big, really big."

The dot-com fire sale is hitting many former stars and their front men. Take, whose missteps and dot-com carnage bucketed its share price to less than $2.

That drop hit Star Trek-famed William Shatner—aka Captain James T. Kirk—whose part payment for his "unique" renditions of popular songs netted him 135,000 shares of Priceline stock.

Last year, Shatner told "Larry King Live" that he was going to hold onto his Priceline shares because he thought they were going to skyrocket. (With a little luck, maybe theyd rise faster than "Ludicrous Speed.")

Sorry, captain. Even a half-Vulcan knows holding Pricelines stock was illogical.

Shatner ultimately dumped 25,000 shares last year, and his remaining shares have deflated from a 52-week high of $104 to about $1.50. And Pricelines founder recently resigned from the companys board.

Its hardly surprising that Shatners Web site and his online rèsumè no longer list the Priceline gig. Good thing that Star Fleet officers dont need money.