Bioscape Digital Buys Medication History Specialist PictureRx

The acquisition will help Bioscape’s broader strategy to enable integration of tablet-based technology into a better patient experience.

Patient engagement platform developer Bioscape Digital announced it would acquire Chattanooga-based Picture Rx, a developer of intuitive patient-centric medication tools.

The combined entity will be headquartered in Atlanta, with an office in Tennessee.

Bioscape Digital, founded in 2012, is a patient engagement service enabler that delivers relevant information into health systems utilizing tablet-based technology.

The addition of PictureRx’s industry relationships and expertise in medication management will help Bioscape’s broader strategy to enable integration of tablet-based technology into a better patient experience, the company said.

"The acquisition of PictureRx is a milestone for Bioscape. PictureRx’s technology and subject matter experts will accelerate the development of our visionary platform," Stuart Bracken, CEO of Bioscape Digital, said in a statement. "As a result, Bioscape will re-empower both patient and provider, while at the same time, saving the health care system millions of dollars."

PictureRx’s founders will remain active participants in Bioscape to support both the strategic vision of Bioscape and the execution of medication-specific tools and technologies.

"We are excited to enter into this acquisition to provide PictureRx with a pathway to grow to its full potential. Garnering over $2 million in NIH grants has allowed us to develop PictureRx into a dynamic technology for improving patient health," Sheila Boyington, co-founder of PictureRx, said in a statement. "When combined with Bioscape’s innovate health care platform, we will be able to provide health systems an unbeatable complete solution for medication and health care information delivery."

PictureRx grew out of research that indicates using pictures helps both children and adults remember what medicines to take, what they are for and how to take them.

The platform uses cloud-based software to help customers get started, and the company can integrate the software with most electronic health records and pharmacy management system.

In addition, having access to PictureRx can help health care facilities meet regulatory requirements for medication information that is sensitive to patients' level of health literacy and language preference.

"For our patients with complex medication regimens due to multiple chronic conditions, PictureRx provides them with an easy-to-understand guide to taking their medications properly," Dr. Anne Monroe, assistant professor of medicine at Johns Hopkins University, said in a statement. "It can also help reduce medication errors when they visit another health care facility. Easy-to-use, patient-friendly tools like this one can help improve care and outcomes for our patients."