Blogs Really Arent So Unique

Opinion: In time, the buzz will die down, and the blogs that survive will wind up looking and reading more like "traditional" media.

I am at the beginning of maybe doing what for me would be a major blog project. So, I am spending a lot of time thinking about what makes blogs different from other mediums. As best I can tell—and maybe I am missing something—the answer is: not much.

As the Catalyst Groups recent blog usability study (here in PDF form) found, new users dont understand what a blog is when they see one, and most blogs arent even labeled as such.

Further, the whole RSS/XML thing is way too confusing, and it will need to be replaced by some other nomenclature if it is to become ubiquitous. May I suggest simply changing the name of the feature now known as RSS to what it really is: "subscribe."

And, yes, as the Catalyst participants noted, "postings" and "articles" are really the same thing. A long posting might also be called a "column," which is how I think of them. Write 600 to 1,000 words and its a column, regardless of what someone else might call it. Make yourself happy.

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"Blogging is this decades citizens band radio," wrote reader Curt Gowan. "A fad which booms insanely then drops back to a much, much lower level of activity that is sustainable and actually useful."

I think Curt captured the current state of blogging quite nicely, which is to say I wish Id thought of the comparison first. In the 1970s, during the height of the CB boom, I was living not far from Garland, Texas, a blue-collar Dallas suburb that had distinction of having the highest number of CB radios, per capita, of any city in the country. And, yes, my familys call sign was KZD-1744.

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