Borland Joins Standards Group, Refreshes Java Tool

It joins Geneva-based Ecma International and introduces Borland JBuilder 2005, the latest version of its Java IDE with enhanced security and performance management.

Borland Software Corp. this week joined an international standards organization and announced a new release of its popular Java development tool.

The Scotts Valley, Calif., company announced that it has been elected a member of Ecma International, an international standards organization based in Geneva. With its membership in Ecma, Borland will be able to work on standards for the Microsoft .Net Framework and the C# and C++ programming languages—which Microsoft submitted to the organization for standardization. Ecma was formed initially as the European Computer Manufacturers Association.

Also as part of its membership in Ecma, Borland will gain early access to standards information, which the company can then use to enhance its own products such as Borland C#Builder, Borland Delphi for the Microsoft .Net Framework, Borland Optimizeit for the Microsoft .Net Framework and Borland Janeva, the company said.

/zimages/4/28571.gifBorland recently joined the Java Tools Community as a core member after a period of resistance. Click here to read more.

Meanwhile, Borland also announced Borland JBuilder 2005, the latest version of its Java IDE (integrated development environment) with enhanced security and performance management, and deeper integration with the companys requirements management and software configuration management tools—Borland CaliberRM and Borland StarTeam, the company said.

JBuilder 2005 also will support JSF (JavaServer Faces), JDK (Java Development Kit) 5.0 and J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition) 1.4.

Regarding security, JBuilder 2005 will feature new audit technology to find coding errors and propose best practices. Also, Fortify Software Inc. will provide a security plug-in for JBuilder to check code for security flaws, Borland officials said.

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Also, Vignette Corp. will deliver a Vignette Portal plug-in for JBuilder 2005 to enable users to build, test and deploy portlets.

In addition, JBuilder 2005 features SOA (service-oriented architecture) development and support, not only through the IDE but also with its Optimizeit performance management suite, the company said.

Borland will ship JBuilder 2005 in September in three versions. One will be Borland JBuilder Enterprise, for J2EE and Web application and Web services development. The Borland JBuilder Developer version will be targeted at Web application and code-centric development. And the Borland JBuilder Foundation version will be a free version of the tool for Java development.

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