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Borland's Janeva 6 links .Net, Java and CORBA applications.

Borland Software Corp. last week announced a new version of its interoperability solution for .Net, Java and CORBA applications.

Borland, based in Scotts Valley, Calif., announced Janeva 6, an upgrade to its solution for helping enterprises integrate new and existing software assets the company introduced in May.

Officials said Janeva 6 offers connectivity between Microsoft Corp. .Net Framework, J2EE (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition) and CORBA applications. The technology supports several J2EE application servers with transaction and security services such as authorization and authentication. Also new in Janeva 6 is callback technology that enables J2EE and CORBA applications to respond back to .Net applications in a two-way connection.

"We are filling in some of the holes left by existing integration technologies such as Web services," said Vince Taisipic, product manager for Borlands Enterprise Solutions group. "Were committed to Web services. Janeva provides a low-risk and nonintrusive solution. Janeva is purely a direct integration to .Net for J2EE and CORBA. We want to make all these technologies seamless to one another."

Janeva is based on the Internet Inter-ORB Protocol, Borland officials said. In addition, it works like a plug-in for the .Net Framework like Microsofts Visual Studio .Net and Borlands C#Builder for the Microsoft .Net Framework.

Janeva 6 supports BEA Systems Inc.s WebLogic application server; IBMs WebSphere; Oracle Corp.s Oracle9i; and Borlands own application server, Borland Enterprise Server.

Borland announced Janeva 1.0 in May. This release is known as Janeva 6 because "1.0 was based on an older framework, but 6.0 is the latest version, and we wanted to have one code base," so the company named the Janeva upgrade Janeva 6, Taisipic said.

Singapore Telecommunications Ltd., also known as SingTel, has incorporated Janeva into its IT operation to connect J2EE, CORBA and .Net Framework-based applications, Borland officials said.

Ronald Schmelzer, an analyst with ZapThink LLC, said Borlands Janeva fits well in the space between legacy applications and Web services.

"Companies are increasingly seeking heterogeneous Web services solutions and offerings that have both .Net and Java support," Schmelzer said. "Rather than forcing companies to adopt Web services and service-oriented architecture technologies based on the underlying platform, Borland is unique in providing solutions that can help companies make the right application development and deployment platform based on the current situation."