CareerBuilder Combines HR Functions into New SaaS Package

CareerBuilder1 is a cloud-based, all-encompassing HR platform that enables the entire recruitment process from acquire to hire.

CareerBuilder new SaaS package

CareerBuilder long has been known for helping people get jobs and for enabling companies to find the right candidates for open positions. Now it is evolving from a top job board to a global human resources software-as-a-service company.

Based on years of accumulated employment data, the Chicago-based company has launched CareerBuilder1, a cloud-based, all-encompassing HR platform that enables the entire recruitment process from acquire to hire.

The launch takes place during a milestone in the company's business: CareerBuilder celebrated its 20th year this month.

CareerBuilder1 includes multi-channel job-description distribution, sourcing, workflow, CRM, data and analytics in one pre-hire platform, features that the company claims no one else in the industry is offering.

"We're the first company to bring advertising, data analytics and HR into one platform," Mary Delaney, President of CareerBuilder's Recruitment Software Solutions group, told eWEEK. "The whole point is to make it easier and most cost-effective for our clients to bring more quality talent onboard."

The HR software sector has been producing numerous point products (specialized search, job boards, workforce analytics, advertising, and so on) for years. "We saw what was happening, and then decided to put it all together into one solution," Delaney said.

According to industry metrics, one in six companies loses $25,000 or more per open position due to extended vacancies. Plenty of people are job-hunting, so CareerBuilder is connecting the dots in a more efficient manner through the cloud service.

"The move into software as a service was natural for us, because we were always delivering our software over the Internet and dealing with upwards of 25 million candidates each month," said Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder and co-author of "The Talent Equation."

"We were able to learn as Internet technology matured, closely track labor trends and build cutting-edge software systems. None of our competitors are doing what we're doing."

Recruiters can buy the whole CareerBuilder platform or purchase software a la carte to integrate with existing systems, Delaney said.

Key problems that CareerBuilder1 solves, according to the company: Helping determine appropriate candidate experience, or lack thereof; fixing customer relationship mismanagement issues; breaking down sourcing silos; simplifying workflows; and fixing actionless analytics with real-time labor market data and performance reports that are easy to understand and provide meaningful conclusions.

You can view a video here on how recruitment has evolved.

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