Casper Suite 7.2 Improves Policy Management on Apples OS X

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Casper Suite 7.2 Improves Policy Management on Apples OS X

by Cameron Sturdevant

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Policy Assistant

New wizards helped me create a policy to install packages on my Mac systems.

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Central Administration

Here you see the management tab options, including Policies and Managed Preferences modules, both improved in this version of Casper Suite 7.2.

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Create Managed Preference

I imported ready-made preferences from the Manifest Destiny project, seen lower right.

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Network Scanner

I added my Mac systems using the network scanner in Casper Suite 7.2. I was somewhat surprised that .104 got added; that's a VMware vSphere 4 host. I have to go check that out!

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Adding Another System

Here you see my fake test user Brian Sturdevant's computer getting added to the Casper Suite inventory.

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Remote Control

Here you see that I'm about to take control of Brian's MacBook Pro.

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Software Update

Casper Suite uses Apple Software Update to get the necessary patches for distribution.

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Patch Policy

Here's an example of a policy to deploy updates to my Mac systems from the central update server.

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