CeBIT Press Expo USA

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CeBIT Press Expo USA

A staffer from shows off some of the fuzzy accessories for cell phones and iPods. The green fuzzy frog on the left is an iPod holder.Photo: Wayne Rash / eWEEK

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CeBIT Press Expo USA - Linksys Links Up

Ciscos Linksys division was showing everything from broadband-over-power-line devices to Wi-Fi phones to Ethernet switches.Photo: Wayne Rash / eWEEK

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CeBIT Press Expo USA - Plugging Away

The HomePlug association was showing a variety of standards-based devices that use home and office power lines as a communications transport medium. Photo: Wayne Rash / eWEEKPhoto: Wayne Rash / eWEEK

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CeBIT Press Expo USA - Beating the Noise

The HomePlug display included a test board that showed how properly designed broadband-over-power-line devices can overcome interference on your power line. In this case, the interference was created by the fluorescent lamp in the lower right corner.

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CeBIT Press Expo USA - Board-Level

VIA was showing a series of tiny single-board computers with advanced capabilities. The board shown will support multiple digital monitors.Photo: Wayne Rash / eWEEK

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CeBIT Press Expo USA - Music from SanDisk

SanDisk was showing a wide array of memory devices. Here the company featured music players, including one that doubles as a USB memory key.Photo: Wayne Rash / eWEEK

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CeBIT Press Expo USA - Thanks for the Memories

SanDisk was also showing a complete line of solid-state memory, including flash cards and solid-state disk replacements.Photo: Wayne Rash / eWEEK

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CeBIT Press Expo USA - Finding Yourself

Magellan was showing the new European versions of its portable automotive GPS units. These units are already available in the United States, but are new to Europe.Photo: Wayne Rash / eWEEK

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